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The Phoenix Society, Inc. is instituting Chapters to enable Phoenix Society Members to have local functions in their area.  There are currently 6 Phoenix Society Chapters and are outlined with point of contacts in the current Post Crypt (members only access required).  Information as to the current and past activities for each chapter can be found in the PostCrypt newletter (members only access required) that includes a section on the Chapter activities.  Below is an example from the inaugral Chapter in South West Florida.

SouthWest Florida Chapter - SWFL Chapter
This Chapter covers the area in Southwest Florida from around the Tampa area to the southern tip of Florida.  This will be better defined after the forming and first meeting of the chapter. Entry to this page requires Members Only Access and is in the protected area of the website.
Below is the message initiating the start of this service to members:

As announced in the January 2016 Post Crypt, the Board of Directors has (BOD) approved the formation of local chapters throughout the country. The vision is that such chapters might be formed in areas where sufficient numbers of members reside and local leaders are willing to take on the task of establishing the unit.

The first such unit is likely to be one centered in SW Florida. Joe Browne, who resides in the Venice area, has volunteered to be the point of contact (POC) and do the organizational work necessary to get this chapter underway. Joe’s email address is: All Phoenix members and those eligible to join the Society who live and/or play in this area of Florida and are interested in the local chapter should contact Joe using his email address. He envisions periodic social events using the common background and interests of members as the focal point. Please get in touch with Joe without delay.

Anyone else interested in forming a local chapter should contact the Phoenix Society office and we will help you get the word out to others in your area.

To preclude misunderstandings and facilitate the establishment, operation and support of chapters, the BOD has put a set of guidelines about Chapters and their relation to the overall Society. These are as follows:

Chapters shall be governed by the charter and by-laws of the parent Phoenix Society (available on the Phoenix Society web site) and its status as a 501 (c) (7) organization and other guidance that may be provided by Phoenix Hqs from time to time.

Chapters shall be based on geographical considerations and population groupings.

To be chapter eligible, there should be a base of least 8-10 dues paying members. Membership eligibility criteria are contained in the charter and by-laws.

All chapter members must be dues paying members in good standing of the parent association. Chapters will not impose a separate membership fee.

Each chapter shall be headed by a local chairman who is responsible to the parent Board of Directors. After an interim period (not to exceed one year), local chapters will elect a permanent chair to serve for a period of two years. The local chair may name supporting personnel/committees as needed.

Local fees will only be collected to pay expenses of chapter social gatherings/events (including sponsored trips). These events should be cost/revenue neutral with no profits. Phoenix Hqs will not provide financial support to chapters.

Chapters will be solely responsible for entering into any contracts required for chapter trips and/or social events. Phoenix Hqs will not be responsible/liable in any way for chapter contracts.

To insure an active chapter, there should be at least a quarterly meeting and/or social event. Report(s) on these events should be provided to Phoenix Hqs on at least a semi-annual basis.

At the discretion of the Chapter Chairperson, guests may be invited to chapter social events provided they have been invited by members in good standing who, in turn, are responsible for the payment of all associated charges/fees.

Chapters generally will come into being based on local initiative; necessary help and support, if available, will be provided by Phoenix Hqs. Formal approval for a chapter will rest with the Phoenix Society BOD.

To the extent feasible, and if desired, the Society office will provide administrative support (e.g. mass emailings).

Chapters may provide periodic email updates detailing social plans, etc to their regional members. The parent association shall be on distribution for all such correspondence. If requested, Phoenix Hqs will further disseminate announcements re trips, upcoming events to the Phoenix Society general membership.

The Phoenix web site will contain a section on Chapter activities (forecast of forthcoming events/trips, etc. and recap of past activities). It is the responsibility of the chapter(s) to provide this information to Phoenix Hqs staff.



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