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Letter from the Chairman - 2013

  The year is 2013, marking 43 years that the Phoenix Society has officially existed. The organization and its members have been though a lot of changes over the years.  But some things have stayed constant; a people proud of their history and the history of their Agency; proud of the work accomplished and most of all, the friends, co-workers and associates they have met while achieving a common goal, “serving our Nation and it’s Security”.  We have always been part civilian and part military, part government and part industry/contractor. And the Phoenix Society has always benefited from this “esprit de corps” of the Agency’s people and their willingness to volunteer to do whatever job needed to be done to keep the Phoenix Society an active, functioning organization. Volunteers have been our lifeblood and the people we depend on.  Sometimes this is without realizing how dependent we have become on key dedicated individuals. The year 2012 brought this fact home, in a major way.  The Phoenix Society Treasurer since 2001 (with a couple of years break) was Steve Smith. He served as a Treasurer, a Director, a Board member always available in times of need, e.g. when the monthly mailing process needed transportation, Steve rented a truck (three months this happened) to be sure the mail got to our members (as they expected).  Steve took a break from the Phoenix for about two years (2007-2010) before he returned in February 2010.  Steve understood volunteering and it’s weakness better than most.  Early in 2012 Steve wrote a letter to the Phoenix Board and stressed the need for “back-up” volunteers; or volunteers in depth to be able to replace any “critical” dedicated volunteer.  Sadly, in October 2012, Steve passed away, at NSA on “Retiree Day”.  A “critical dedicated volunteer” with no back up (as Treasurer) was suddenly and unexpectedly no longer with us.  Steve Smith exemplified the dedicated Phoenix Society volunteer.  We have and will miss him greatly.
I believe we must honor Steve Smith by heeding his warning and change the way we manage/assign our volunteers. We will be making a call for potential Board members and volunteers. The areas of responsibility on the Board are Membership; Information and Technology; Social and Travel; Publications; Outreach; Finance/Treasurer; and Health and Welfare.   We need to know who is available and the time they can spend.  Being more than one person deep and always having a representative on the Board should make us more active and less vulnerable to disruption. There will be a request by the Phoenix office that will go to our membership asking for help from those interested.  We are not limited to these “subjects”.  For example we would like to have area “Phoenix representatives” (e.g. Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Hawaii) in places where we have a large or potentially large group of Phoenix members.  It is time we create our own “Reserve Corps”.  Area representatives could offer or coordinate activities in their area, e.g. trips, social activities, like reunions, “educational” trips, etc. to include providing inputs to Phoenix publications about the advantage of their area”.
Now to the good news – The phoenix Society has been known for their “trips”, both locally and distant. But this year, there was a long distance trip, headed by board members, to the UK.
In the UK, the GCHQ counterpart of the Phoenix Society, helped to arrange visits to Hq GCHQ and Bletchley Park. Hopefully, this is the first in long distance travel that can involve our international partners. And we in return have invited them to come to the USA and to tell us what they would like to visit.   
The next step in widening our social interaction is to join this generation in the area of social networking.   In separate correspondence I will be proposing that we join Facebook as a “secret group”.  This would allow us to interact without names being listed (like you see today on Facebook); all Phoenix members will be invited to join and no one can join our group unless invited by the Phoenix Society. No outsiders can see who is in our “group”.  Obviously it will be voluntary, anyone can turn down the invitation. For those of us, who are already on Facebook, this would be different in that there will be no “friends” except as invited by the Phoenix Society. It is my intention to publish the details of how it would work in the proposal.  I really believe this would allow us to expand membership, freely interact in the “area representative” concept.
We are still interacting with Museum Foundation. It is a lot harder than we expected but at least it appears (as a start) that the President/Chairman of the Phoenix Society will always be on the Board of the Museum Foundation.  I believe that eventually we will share databases and mutual benefits, but it will take time.
2012 Retiree Day did not go exactly as planned.  The briefing at Hq NSA was inserted only in the last moment and the social was combined with NSA’s 60th anniversary (which was good for us).  We  have not received notice this year what the plans are.  But as soon we find out, we will let you know.
Each of the Board members will report separate details of their activities this last year.  All and all, it was not an uneventful year, sometimes things move too slowly but I still believe we have the chance to make the Phoenix Society better and more active in the future. We all need to think of ways to attract future retirees and offer them (and us) the cyberspace - networking world to which so many have become accustomed. 

William (Bill) Black  


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